The first main goal of the ISSGP is a population analysis as well as some other genetic tools for breeders with the help of the Institute of Canine Biology. A pedigree database is required for this analysis. As a result the ISSGP has restarted the Original Shiloh Database Project along with its original purpose. Here are some brief details about the upcoming online Shiloh Genetic Database (or Gdb for short):

-The Shiloh Genetic Database Projects purpose is to have and maintain one massive, open, shared resource so breeders can all access the SAME information, freely
-The Shiloh Genetic Database project has been started where the original project left off using the core Shiloh database
-The Shiloh Genetic Database will be open to all breeders regardless of registry or breed club affiliation
-The Shiloh Genetic Database will not be restricted by daily click limitations
-The Shiloh Genetic Database software has other means of security such as built in web harvesting, screen scraping and other web securities to protect breeders information
-Breeders will be required to sign up, the database is protected by login and password entry
-The Shiloh Genetic Database is not and never will be owned by any one person, registry or organization but will have a wide base of supporters all of whom will have a master copy
-The Shiloh Genetic Database will be available for download in a bmx file for those who have the Breedmate software Pedigree Explorer
-The ISSGP will collect Shiloh Shepherd pictures, pedigree and health data for input into the Shiloh Genetic Database as well as for use in the International Shiloh Shepherd Genetic Project for the purpose of tracking reports and to establish Estimated Breeding Values or EBV's
-The database website has a data submission form
-Data can also be submitted to the ISSGP email:

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