About The ISSGP


Welcome to the first and only Genetic project for the Shiloh Shepherd breed. The International Shiloh Shepherd Genetic Project, ISSGP, was started in 2014 by breeders to give fellow breeders who are truly dedicated to the success and betterment of the breed, a drama free and honest environment within which to share information.  The project is managed by a small committee of breeders devoted to a healthy genetic future of the Shiloh Shepherd dog, working in a cooperative effort to achieve genetic success.  This project is open and available to all breeders regardless of registry or breed club affiliation. This project is managed by an ISSDC committee and has the full support and co-operation of the ISSDC. ALL clubs and regiestries are encouraged to support and contribute to this project to promote genetic success within the Shiloh Shepherd gene pool. This is a LOW politics zone! Less politics means greater genetic success due to more unity of breeders in the sharing of information. The sharing of information is key to successful genetic management.


The ISSGP breeder members are bound to work in a respectful and honest manner at all times.  This project will strive to educate and mentor new breeders, continue education for established breeders and promote the sharing of health information for all breeders.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the reduction in incidence of genetic disease in the Shiloh Shepherd breed through increased education and information to breeders for more effective management of the breed’s gene pool.

This project is guided by these objectives:

- Work in co-operation with the Institute of Canine Biology towards a full population analysis and improved genetic management of the Shiloh Shepherd gene pool.
- To collect and share genetic information freely to breeders without restriction or limitation.
- Conduct, collate and share Shiloh Shepherd breed health surveys.
- To supply breeders with better tools for increased genetic management and therefore better breeding choices.
- Educate, create and promote opportunity for increased genetic diversity to help ensure a future for the Shiloh Shepherd breed.
- Help educate puppy buyers on the importance of sharing and genetic management of the gene pool.

Our theory is that while two heads are better than one, a collection of heads can move mountains! Together we CAN breed better dogs.

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